Preliminary Program

Preliminary program:

Day Monday 10 September
15:30 Registration and Coffee
16:00 Opening
16:10 Introductory lectures: Many-body theory (Hardy Gross)
16:50 Introductory lectures: Data science (Stefano Carrazza)
18:30 Social program
Day Tuesday 11 September
1. GW and Nuclear Physics
09:00 Patrick Rinke
09:40 Christian Vorwerk
10:00 Brian Cunningham
10:20 Coffee
10:50 Rex Godby
11:10 ETSF General meeting
12:10 Lunch
14:10 Gianluca Colo'
14:50 Valerio Olevano
15:10 Samuel Ponce'
15:50 Alberto Castro
16:10 Poster session (food & beer)
Day Wednesday 12 September
2. Ultrafast phenomena
09:00 Giulio Cerullo
09:40 Pedro Melo
10:00 Florian Eich
10:20 Coffee
10:50 Irene Burghardt
11:30 Claudio Verdozzi
11:50 Tuomas Rossi
12:10 Lunch
3. Topological insulators
14:10 Cristiane de Morais Smith
14:50 Matteo Cococcioni
15:10 Nicolas Tancogne-Dejean
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Markus Morgenstern
16:40 Davide Grassano
17:00 Science policy (sponsored by the Young Academy of Europe)
The future of post-docs and the lack of women in leading positions: Two sides of the same coin.
17:00 Luisa Torsi
17:20 Tomas Brage
17:40 Round Table discussion
Day Thursday 13 September
4. Data Science and
5. Quantum Chemistry
09:00 Giulia Galli
09:40 Gabriele D'Avino
10:00 Matthieu Verstraete
10:20 Coffee
10:50 Miguel Marques
11:30 Michiel Van Setten
11:50 Pedro Borlido
12:10 Lunch
14:10 Petra Rudolf
14:50 Zeila Zanolli
15:10 Ludger Wirtz
15:30 Pierluigi Cudazzo
15:50 Claudio Attaccalite
16:10 Social Program
18:50 Social dinner
Day Friday 14 September
5. Quantum Chemistry
09:00 Cristiana di Valentin
09:40 Alberto Milani
10:00 Anu Baby
10:20 Coffee
10:50 Rocco Martinazzo
11:30 Simona Achilli
11:50 Nicole Helbig
11:50 Davide Sangalli
12:30 Closing Remarks
12:45 Lunch

In the best tradition of the ETSF Workshop, besides conventional oral sessions, we will leave ample time for informal meetings and discussions. The conference participants will have lunch together to foster the informal exchange of ideas. Besides the social dinner, we are currently considering the organization of further social activities (likely a visit to an historical or cultural site/museum).

We will foster active participation of young researchers by giving them the opportunity to present their work. We will award the best presentation with a “best poster prize” and “best presentation prize”.

A special session will be dedicated to science policy issues, such as the career perspectives of postdocs and the underrepresentation of women in leading roles in STEM.

We plan two introductory lectures (tutorials) given by experienced researchers. The first one will cover the state-of-the-art and new challenges for theoretical spectroscopy (speaker Hardy Gross), the second one will focus on basic concepts of data science and machine learning for application in condensed matter simulations (Stefano Carrazza) .