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City of Leuven

The city of Leuven (Belgium) has been a university city since 1425 and hosts the largest university of Belgium, which is also the oldest one of the Low Countries. As a result of this long academic tradition, many university spin-offs are located in Leuven, of which imec is one of the oldest and by far the largest. Leuven is also famous for its long tradition of beer brewing and it is nationally renown for its nightlife. Especially the old market and surrounding area has numerous cafes and restaurants.

Oude Markt Leuven


The 25th workshop of the ETSF will be hosted at imec (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre) in Leuven. Imec is an R&D hub for nano- and digital technologies that acts as a gateway between over 600 world-leading industry partners and the academic world, and employs more than 5000 scientists from close to a hundred countries.

The workshop will take place in the auditorium of the imec 1 office building. The poster session and breaks will be organized in the entrance hall of imec 1.

imec 1
Kapeldreef 75
3001 Heverlee


We'll provide a list of selected hotels soon.

Travel information

By plane

The closest international airports are Brussels Zaventem and Brussels South Charleroi which serve destinations all over the world. Zaventem is only 15 minutes by train from Leuven.

From the airport, follow the instructions given in the section "By train". If you prefer to rent a car at the airport, follow the instructions in the section "By car".

By train

This is probably the most comfortable and convenient option to reach Leuven for participants from central Europe. The main stations in Brussels are well connected to Leuven and directly serve destinations like Paris, London, and Amsterdam via high-speed trains. Be aware that Leuven is referred to as Louvain in the French-speaking part of Belgium. (Do not confuse Leuven/Louvain with Louvain-la-Neuve which is a different city.)

From the train station, imec can be reached by bus. Further details will be provided later.

By car

Leuven lies directly at the E40 and E314 highways. The main imec buildings are visible almost immediately after taking exit 15 Leuven from the E314 highway.

Parking at imec will be arranged. Details will be provided later.